Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions – DSA Vacations/South African Airways Vacations Once you have decided on your tour or reservations, please read the condition of travel as your booking is subject to the terms listed below. A contract is entered into once your signed booking form and deposits are received by DSA Vacations/South African Airways Vacations and… Read more »

Kenya Believe These African Travel Myths?

Africa is a large continent filled with dozens of countries, thousands of languages, and countless landscapes. Unfortunately, many travelers are unaware of these common facts and choose to believe popular myths perpetuated by cinema and media. Keep reading to learn the truth behind certain African travel myths. Myth #1: Africa is one big country. Many… Read more »

Beautiful Sights to See in South Africa

South Africa is filled with amazing, natural sights, such as the endangered penguin colony of Boulders Beach and the beautiful coast of Cape Point. These sights and more are not to be missed when visiting South Africa. Continue reading for more beautiful sights to see in South Africa. Boulders Beach Boulders Beach refers to a… Read more »

DSA Vacations… A Family Company

By Terry von Guilleaume, Founder and CEO  After working and traveling around the US for 4 years, I was itching to move back to South Africa. Around that same time I met my wife…..so the decision to move back home became a little more complex. Where should we begin our married life? Moving to South Africa… Read more »

What to Do When Visiting Zimbabwe

Whether you are considering a trip or outlining your itinerary to Zimbabwe, there are many sites and activities to enjoy. Zimbabwe is filled with natural wonders, like Victoria Falls, and historical sites like the Great Zimbabwe. Continue reading for a taste of the sites you can enjoy when you visit this beautiful nation. See Victoria… Read more »

Dispelling Myths About Traveling to Zambia

Zambia is an African country nestled in the center of Southern Africa. It a beautiful and peaceful place for all visitors, yet there are many unfortunate myths that surround this area and other countries of Africa. Continue reading to learn the truth behind these myths. Myth #1: There is a lot of crime. Many travelers… Read more »

Traveling to Namibia? Here’s What to Expect

The southwestern African country of Namibia is a vacation spot with a lot to offer, and anyone interested in experiencing Africa should definitely check it out. With beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, and English as an official language, there are plenty of options for English-speaking tourists looking to experience Africa on their vacation. So, what… Read more »

Six Ways to Spend Your Time in Mozambique

Mozambique is a uniquely beautiful country, situated along Africa’s southern Indian Ocean coast. It’s noted for its scuba and fishing, and is an excellent vacation spot for anyone want to experience the beauty of Africa. Although there are thousands of great ways to spend your vacation in Mozambique, here are six that we think are… Read more »

Myths You May Have Heard about Botswana

Southern Africa’s landlocked country of Botswana is home to out-of-this-world national parks, rare cave art, and historic landmarks that ensure the country has something to offer for everyone. If you’re thinking of taking an African vacation to Botswana, we’d highly recommend it, but there are a few myths that we’d like to dispel. Myth 1:… Read more »