Author: Rori Lubeck

UNESCO World Heritage Sites of South Africa

South Africa, known as the Rainbow Nation, offer a variety of cultural, natural and historical experiences. Amongst other amazing activities South Africa boasts a total of ten UNESCO World Heritage sites. There are currently five Cultural sites, four Natural sites and one Mixed site. The five Cultural locations are: 1.Fossils Hominid Sites of South Africa–…

The Gorillas of Africa


 The Experience Trekking through a dense forest of bamboo, sometimes for hours, seems daunting and maybe even a little crazy but the moment you catch your first glimpse of one of 900 remaining Silverback Gorillas in the world everything else just disappears. It will leave you in a rare moment of complete and utter “awe”….

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions – DSA Vacations/South African Airways Vacations Once you have decided on your tour or reservations, please read the condition of travel as your booking is subject to the terms listed below. A contract is entered into once your signed booking form and deposits are received by DSA Vacations/South African Airways Vacations and…