Must See Colombia – Four Places Not To Be Missed

Colombia is a country with a variety of landscapes and personalities.  The Andes Mountains are the most popular and most populated region with a collection of historical sites, nature lovers’ spots and vibrant urban centers. Here are four must-see places in Colombia that just can’t be overlooked.

7 Impressive Sights of Qatar

The small Middle Eastern country of Qatar has a lot to offer from historic religious sites, Islamic art & culture, and the rapidly expanding modern skyline in the capital of Doha. These are just a few of my favorite highlights from my first trip to this breathtaking Persian peninsula.

Romantic Cape Town

Cape Town is a city for people in love. It may not the first international city you think of when you think romance but maybe that should change. “The Mother City” has so much to offer in the form of spectacular scenery, incredible hotels, remarkable restaurants, and romantic activities – such as sunset strolls on…

REAL ID: Is Your ID Cleared to Fly?

There has been a lot of talk in the news about the REAL ID and what it means for travel. You may have even heard that your current driver’s license may not get you through airport security in the very near future and this could leave you standing at the airport while your plane leaves without…

The Gorillas of Africa


 The Experience Trekking through a dense forest of bamboo, sometimes for hours, seems daunting and maybe even a little crazy but the moment you catch your first glimpse of one of 900 remaining Silverback Gorillas in the world everything else just disappears. It will leave you in a rare moment of complete and utter “awe”….

Travel Tips for an Amazing African Safari Experience

Explorer Girl with Camouflage Hat and Binoculars

Packing & What to Wear Layering is the key on your African safari adventure. Early mornings game drives can often get pretty chilly so you may need a fleece or warm jacket, even in the warmer months. Underneath, I would recommend a breathable cotton long sleeve shirt. The long sleeves act as additional protection from the…

What to experience in the Philippines

Philippines is a Southeast Asian country in the Western Pacific, home to so many beautiful pristine beaches, both well-known and yet to be discovered. It is a dream country to visit if you are person who appreciates wildlife, beautiful landscapes and unspoiled beaches. I’ve visited some of the most popular beaches in Asia and Mexico,…