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Dive Off the Coast of Cape Town

When you get the opportunity to feast your eyes on the beautiful South African water of Cape Town, it will be difficult to resist diving right in. The good news is that you don’t need to hold back, and there are plenty of diving spots with all kinds of beautiful sights and animal life to…

Go to the Riemvasmaak Hot Springs

The Riemvasmaak Hot Springs are among the top attractions of the area. These natural springs are situated on the slopes of beautiful, granite mountains. If you want to kick back, relax, and enjoy a peaceful view, you should be sure to make a stop at the hot springs of Riemsvasmaak.

5 Things to Do in Port Elizabeth

No trip to South Africa would be complete without a stop in Port Elizabeth. As the third-largest port on the country’s eastern cape, Port Elizabeth boasts beautiful beaches, amazing cultural attractions, and rich historical sites. When you book a trip to South Africa, be sure to place Port Elizabeth on your must-see list!

Explore St. Helena Bay

When your tour of South Africa takes you along the Western Cape, you should make sure to stop in the seaside town of St. Helena Bay. This calm and peaceful stop along the coast boasts amazing sunsets, beautiful waters, and plenty of fun activities for every member of your family.

Soak in Luxury and Sun by the Beach

Check out this view! Swimsuit model and producer of her own line of gorgeous swimwear, CEO Ashley Alexiss quoted this destination as her “overall favorite trip of all time”. Cape Town offers the ultimate in extravagance with a door that is wide open to all kinds of adventure. It’s up to you whether you want…