Masai Mara and Serengeti Bushtops


Rediscover primal life in this Luxury fly in Safari in the world renowned Masai Mara and Serengeti.

These two family-run Bushtops Camps are dedicated to the most luxurious and exciting wildlife viewing on the planet – but also something more. Many hundreds of thousands of years ago, our African ancestors gathered around fires to tell stories and share warmth. Today, these historic locations, wild encounters and Bushtops campfires help guests reconnect with our shared history and what really matters to all of us: nature, people, time – and the human spirit. Nothing surpasses the sight of wildebeest and zebra in their millions, on an endless migration in search of food and water. Mara Bushtops is a byword for the highest standards in luxury safaris. We enjoy the perfect location, with a vast private game Conservancy surrounding the Camp and the Masai Mara game reserve on our doorstep. Serengeti Bushtops for the first time, or the wonders to come. One of the world’s most comfortable safari destinations, in one of Africa’s most stunning locations, the Camp emerges from the heart of vast plains, surrounded by timeless vistas. Here, our guests don’t just visit nature: they are immersed into it, whilst revelling in luxurious facilities, a genuinely warm welcome and an abundance of thrilling wildlife. This is the perfect gateway to the Serengeti and the boundless wonders of the African Bush.


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