Quintessential “Out of Africa” Experiences that Invoke a Bygone Era

Africa is a vast and mysterious landscape that has long garnered the appreciation and wonder of those who have ventured to explore there.  Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy” and Danish author, Karen Blixen, successfully captured the magic of the destination in her acclaimed novel ‘Out of Africa’.  In so many ways, even yet today, this continent still accomplishes instilling the same kind of wonder and awe in travelers…particularly by way of some very special experiences that give a fair nod to the Africa of yore.

Below is a short list of just such experiences that every wanderlust individual should consider adding to their Bucket List:

#1 African Rail Journeys:

Nothing stirs the soul and captures the romance of Africa more than an authentic rail journey can…these adventures speak to a bygone era in a manner that is not only relevant, but incredibly authentic.  Two such vendors to consider are Rovos Rail and The Blue Train.

Journeys available range from single overnights transiting from Pretoria to Cape Town (or reverse) or longer trips to Victoria Falls, Durban and beyond.

#2 Luxury Tented Safari Camps: 

The phrase “tent camping” to many invokes an image that is a far cry in the wrong direction of what most of these luxury tented camps offer to the safari experience.

There are many equally wonderful options to choose from in this arena.  For example, Hamiltons Tented Safari Camp does a remarkable job of recreating the period when Africa was first being explored by so many.

There is little that can rival the experience of overnighting in a tented camp.  Drifting away while hearing the sounds of the bushveld just beyond your tent is difficult to capture and describe with mere words. The soundtrack of a night in Africa includes everything from the roars of a pride of lions, to the steady crunch of underfoot vegetation as giraffes and elephants make their way through the brush.

#3 Tree Houses: 

Viewers of the Netflix original series ‘The Crown’ were treated to a glimpse of this special experience in season one, when the newly wedded and soon to be crowned Elizabeth II makes her first journey to Africa.  Vendors such as Lion Sands in the Sabi Sands region of South Africa offer the experience of overnighting in an authentic, yet luxurious, tree house for an extra special night under the stars.

#4 Mokoro Canoe Safari:

Venture into the heart of the Okavango Delta, and at certain times of the year, you may find yourself enjoying your afternoon safari in a whole new manner…  A mokoro is a dugout canoe that gets poled along by your ranger and guide, and is a favorite means of exploring the waterways of this region.

#5 Hot Air Balloon Safari:

In addition to viewing the plentiful game and wildlife on offer in Africa by vehicle and by boat, travelers seeking a further unique experience should consider the option of safari by hot air balloon.  Nothing can compare to soaring over the vast plains of Kenya in this fashion, and the experience is often made complete with champagne toasts or picnic lunches.

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